About us

TayoNa Pilipinas Inc. is a Digital Events Site that is proudly 100% Filipino made. It was conceptualized and created by a group of Filipino professionals who want to contribute their knowledge and skills to help improve the society.

TayoNa, meaning "Let's Go", is a call to action for all Filipinos to take more active participation in nation building, for the “Selfie Generation” to turn into “Selfless Generation”. It seeks to harness the power of the more than 60M Filipinos now in the internet as a source of socio-economic empowerment for all Filipinos, here and abroad.

The Concept of TayoNa and its website have the following features;

  • portal for digital events/photos contest;
  • marketing tool for product research, surveys, popularity voting or other type of events;
  • portal for product image advertisement.


To provide better socio-economic value to the internet activities of Filipinos.


TayoNa is a movement of Filipinos worldwide, actively interacting on- line at www.tayonapilipinas.com and www.tayona.ph, and enjoying all its features for their personal benefit and for the country.


Tayona, is a digital platform for events/photo contest,marketing tools for product research, surveys or popularity voting and product image advertisement


VOTING WILL START ON August 1, 2019....

....but you can already shortlist your choices by clicking the “Add to my Favorite” Tab of the Entry you like.