Submission of Entries


  1. Open to all physical destinations located in the Philippines and can be entered to the contest by any individual provided the following conditions are complied:
    1. The Entry is approved or endorsed by any of the following:
      1. Any City or Municipal Local Economic and Investment Promotion Officer (LEIPO) or any Local Official (City, Municipal or Barangay Official)
      2. Or any Socio-Civic Organization
      3. Or any Cause Oriented Organization
      4. Or any Private Corporation
    2. Entry should be existing and tangible.
    3. Entry can be any traditional, natural, man- made or cultural tourist attraction.
    4. All Entry Fee must be settled, (entry fees are final and non refundable)
  2. By entering this competition, a participant agrees to be bound by all the terms and conditions of this event and by TayoNa Pilipinas, Inc. terms of use.
  3. Multiple entries per Municipality/City are allowed provided all the foregoing conditions are met.


  1. There will be 3 awards per Region:
    1. People’s Choice Awards – 1 winner per Region, determined by most number of on-line votes at
    2. Business Choice Awards – 1 winner per Region, selected by a panel of judges from business sector.
    3. Ambassador’s Choice Awards – 1 winner per Region, selected by a panel of Foreign Diplomats
  2. January 30, 2019 to July 30, 2019 at 12noon- Period to accept Entries. After which, no other Entries will be allowed to participate.
  3. August 1 to September 30, 2019- Period for online voting for PRELIMINARY ELIMINATIONS. This is only for the People’s Choice Awards and the following mechanics as well:
    1. Only the top 30% or at least 3 entries, whichever is higher, from component cities/municipalities within a PROVINCE, will qualify for the SEMI FINAL Round. Provinces with only 1 entry from a component city/municipality must at least generate 2,000 unique online votes to qualify for the SEMI FINAL round.
    2. October 1, 2019 - Announcement of Winners and Qualifiers for the SEMI FINALS Round for the People’s Choice Awards.
  4. October 15, 2019 to November 30, 2019- Online voting for SEMI FINALS.
    1. Only the top 30% or at least 3 entries, whichever is higher, per REGION, will qualify for the FINALS.
    2. December 1, 2019 – Announcement of Winners and Qualifiers for the FINAL Round for the People’s Choice Awards.
  5. December 15, 2019 to Feb 28, 2020 (12noon) - Online voting for the FINALS.
  6. All winners will be announced on March 15, 2020. There will be a total of 51 winners – 17 People’s Choice awardees, 17 Business Choice awardees and 17 Ambassador Choice awardees.
  7. A cash prize of P 50,000 plus prizes will be given to the UPLOADER (the name that appears on the “Entry Submitted by” line) of the winning People’s Choice Entry. All trophies will be awarded to the city/municipality where the winning Entry is located.

    All entries are viewable in our official web site and mobile site and this Entry page will always be visible even after Elimination rounds have started.


STEP 1 :

Register Here

Fill up online registration form

STEP 2 :

Submit the complete Form once all required information has been provided.

STEP 3 :

Pay the registration fee thru :


Regular rate:

  • Php 15,000 - Cities
  • 10,000 - 1st class
  • Municipalities 7,500 - 2nd class
  • Municipalities 5,000 - 3rd class
  • Municipalities 3,000 - 4th class etc.-Municipalities

STEP 4 :

Send a copy of proof of payment thru:

  • A. Email at or
  • B. Mail to Secretariat Office at TayoNa Pilipinas, Inc., No. 70 Mindanao Ave., Project 6 , Quezon City

Once we received all the required documents and verified the registration form, your entry will be uploaded in the web site and eligible to participate in the Contest.

An online information kit and online marketing materials will be sent to your email to compliment your campaigns. Information, bulletins and concerns will be coursed to your email.

VOTING WILL START ON August 1, 2019....

....but you can already shortlist your choices by clicking the “Add to my Favorite” Tab of the Entry you like.