The Concept

The Philippines, with its 7,100 islands, has so much more to offer, beyond our world renowned tourist destinations like Aklan’s Boracay Beach Resort, Puerto Princesa’s Underground River, Vigan’s Crisologo Street, Manila’s Fort Santiago etc.

We have over 1,400 Cities and Municipalities that probably has its own share of pristine beaches, historical sites, famous land marks and local attractions that do not get enough exposure. Perhaps we do not realize it, but just within our own town there are places worth our visits, or just a few kilometers of travel, there are interesting destinations that we have not seen because we have not heard about it yet.

Often, when we think of travel, we look beyond what is in front of us. When we seek culture, we think we can find it elsewhere. And when we longed for recreation, we think it takes too much effort and expense to have it.

Here at TayoNa Pilipinas, we want to help change all that. The launch of the “VISIT MY BAYAN" National Search for Local Destinations, will bring out what each city/municipality has to offer. We will know hundreds of new and exciting local destinations unique to each Region, Town, City or Municipality. As a result, one’s next travel might just be around the corner, or a simple cultural experience is waiting in the next town’s local museum, or an inexpensive but timely recreational escape will only be outside one’s locality.

The search will also bring out the pride and heritage of the local residences in each particular region. Since the nomination will come from its own residences, during the campaigns, they will be encouraged to promote their own nomination coming from their own cities/municipalities.

We want our Filipino brothers and the whole world for that matter to know that there are not only 7,100 islands in the Philippines but equally there are thousands of beautiful places and destinations we can truly be proud of.

Our Goals

  • To discover new areas with tourism potentials, promote lesser known tourist destinations particularly in rural places, and provide opportunity to develop and or enhance them, in order to stimulate economic activities throughout the countryside.
  • To provide opportunities to all local government units to promote worldwide must see places in their locality, and chance to attract potential investors for the development of their locality.
  • To create awareness and appreciation of these destinations by Foreign Tourists and the Millions of Filipinos here and abroad, with the use of Social Media and technology as the tool.
  • To provide better socio-economic value to the internet activities of Filipinos by encouraging them as vital participants for nation building through the use of the Filipinos’ propensity to use the internet being the “Selfie Capital of the World”.
  • To increase knowledge about the uniqueness and beauty of our  very own nation and its regional cultures and to encourage Filipinos to explore themselves on places within the Philippines and eventually invite foreigners to visit these places.
  • To establish national markers that promote regional  tourism and to contribute for the development and or rehabilitation of some tourists destinations in the Philippines.
  • To contribute portion of the proceeds to a foundation for the benefit of the youth and the elderly.

VOTING WILL START ON August 1, 2019....

....but you can already shortlist your choices by clicking the “Add to my Favorite” Tab of the Entry you like.