Benefits of the Search

  1. Increase in potential source of local revenues arising from development and promotion of LGU activities and tourist destinations.
  2. Local leaders can awaken and strengthen the sense of unity and pride of their constituents by appealing to them for their active and sustained support for their entry.
  3. Opportunity to host physical events in the locality in coordination with Tayona Pilipinas team, to promote the LGU’s activities and destinations.
  4. Opportunity to have an alternative digital portal where the local residents can conduct digital contests, surveys, polls at
  5. Increased media exposure of local activities and destinations on digital, mobile and social media channels while reducing marketing cost.
  6. Special awards and recognition.
  7. Inclusion as featured municipality/city in the Event’s Magazine (#visit my bayan) after the “Search”, subject to compliance of terms and conditions.

VOTING WILL START ON August 1, 2019....

....but you can already shortlist your choices by clicking the “Add to my Favorite” Tab of the Entry you like.