Use your earned Reward Points to avail of the Amazing Items below!

Rewards Especially For You

Earn Points

Every Vote Points you earn equals 1 Reward Points!

Redeem Rewards

Click your chosen reward item in the eGift roster when you cast your vote. Your Specific Reward Points will automatically be credited to your chosen reward item.

Common Reward Points

When casting your vote using Regular eGifts, you will earn “Common Reward Points” which will be automatically credited to your Common Rewards Bank. You can use these Points to any of the gift items below or save them for future Gift items. Just click “use my common reward points.

Purchase Additional Reward Points

Want to avail of the Reward Items faster. You can purchase additional Rewards Points using Tayona’s payment portal.


Remaining Reward Items


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TGGA Yellow Polo Shirt


Remaining Reward Items


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TayoNa Blue Shirt