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Launch digital campaigns

  1. Pioneer your own photo contest – know the most popular by audience online voting for pageants, favorite sites, loved items or memorable occasions.
  2. Launch your own survey – from class election to community appointments get results online.
  3. Initiate a charitable campaign – use technology to make a difference.
  4. Organize a more enjoyable gathering – family reunions or homecomings, spice it up were invitees participate - before, during and after the event.
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Win prizes

  1. Anybody could win prizes, giveaways and rewards, weather you’re an organizer, joiner or voter. You might be the next lucky member.
  2. Besides earning reward points, every vote you cast also earns you a wish gem. Use this gems to wish for prizes in the Daily, Weekly and Monthly Wish items.
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Get rewards

  1. Every time you participate as a “voter” in any ongoing Digital Event, a corresponding reward points is credited to your account. Use these reward points to redeem the items you desire.
  2. 10 daily vote points are credited to your account every day you log in at
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Reach audience

  1. Use as a Marketing Tool - get audience impulse by participation and preference.
  2. Create brand awareness using photo images.
  3. Breed lasting impressions with continuous audience usage by contests and rewards.
  4. Generate client data with Google Analytics.
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Save on web development

  1. is accessible online via web at or download apps at Google Play or Apple Store its FREE.
  2. Maintain credible marketing campaigns using our FREE basic package.
  3. Ride along digital and physical campaigns for FREE.
  4. Sell directly to members – using our e Commerce portal (not yet available).
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