We are no Monkey business in the Selfie business.

Family gatherings, class reunions, office functions.

TayoNa got you covered with digital events made easy online.

www.tayona.ph or simply TayoNa, meaning "Let's Go", is a call to action for all Filipinos to take more active participation in nation building.

What is TayoNa.ph?

"TayoNa" was created as one of the means to accomplish the mission of TayoNa to help elevate the socio-economic standing of Filipinos.


To provide better socio-economic value to the internet activities of Filipinos.


TayoNa is a movement of Filipinos worldwide, actively interacting on-line at www.tayona.ph and enjoying all its features for their personal benefit and for the country.

To accomplish this mission, "TayoNa" has been designed with the following features:

1. TayoNa is a Pinoy Digital Events Site that is proudly 100% Filipino made. As a PINOY DIGITAL EVENTS SITE, it tries to capture the Pinoy "kiliti" by allowing any member to create any "Selfie", "Groufie" and other themed photo contests

2. TayoNa is a tool for Socio-Economic empowerment for members and businesses. It has several applications from which members and businesses can derive benefits. "TayoNa" is also used to support noble causes such as regular and sustained scholarship program i.e. "SELFIE FOR A CAUSE" campaign or the salute to Filipino Workers (local and overseas) using "SIPAG PINOY" campaign etc.

The basic feature of the site is e-Gift giving or sharing, where the gift giver (voter) automatically receives "Wish Gems" which can be used to "wish" for prizes.

3. TayoNa is a Social Advocacy, a movement of Filipinos for social change towards a better society.

As of 2017, there are now at least 53M Filipino Internet users, spending an average of 6hours per day in the internet. If at least 10% (5.3M) of them embrace the foundational spirit of TayoNa, that will make it easier to accomplish the mission.